Marussia Motors build sports cars like no other. We are proud to be Russia’s first sports car manufacturer and determined that our cars will set new standards for bold design and innovative engineering and break new ground with revolutionary infotainment technology. And, of course, deliver a thrilling driving experience to position Marussia alongside the world’s most exciting and respected automotive brands.
Luxury and Power

At Marussia Motors we believe a supercar should be cosseting as well as quick. With the finest materials, lovingly crafted to exceptional standards of quality and attention to detail, our cars boast interiors that more than match their exteriors.

A pair of supportive seats locate you and your passenger in perfect comfort, while the ergonomically contoured steering wheel feels perfect in your hands. Whether you want the supple, hand stitched luxury of leather; the coolly tactile feel of polished metal or the precise weave of glossy carbon fibre, we can trim your Marussia supercar exactly as you wish.

Thanks to the award-winning knowledge of Marussia Motors’ co-founder Andrey Cheglakov we have unrivalled electronics design and manufacturing expertise. For evidence of this look no further than the B1’s incredible multimedia infotainment system. Featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processing power, the B1 features three flat panel touchscreen displays.

It’s up to you what information you elect to view on these screens, but with a choice of television, movies, music and internet as well as vehicle performance data it’s clear Marussia takes mobile entertainment to a whole new level.  Another unique feature are three video cameras, which give you a commanding view to assist low-speed manouevres, and feature a record function that enables you to capture your adventures and share them with your friends.

Speed and Safety

We believe high levels of safety begin with a high-performance design. Light and agile with powerful brakes and an abundance of mechanical grip and aerodynamic stability the driver is given the best possible chance of avoiding an accident in the first place.
Still we also place great emphasis on the crash performance of our cars should the worst happen. Using motorsport principles and manufacturing technology the semi-monocoque structure of the B1 and B2 offers high levels of occupant safety. With front and rear subframes attached to a strong central structure, crash energy is absorbed to protect the occupants from harm, something we’ve proven with a rigorous programme of crash tests .

Power and Reliability

The heart of any supercar is its engine, which is why we’re honoured to use power units built by one of the greatest names in motorsport: Cosworth.

A legendary brand synonymous with five decades of success at the highest level, Cosworth engines have scored more than 100 Formula One Grand Prix victories. Now the famous British engine builder is breaking new ground, providing Marussia Motors with engines to power Russia’s first supercar.

It’s always our aim to offer customers as wide a choice as possible, which is why thanks to Cosworth you can specify the Marussia B1 (and B2) with a 3.5-litre normally aspirated V6 engine developing 300bhp and 300lb ft of torque, or a turbocharged 2.8-litre V6 with either 360bhp and 383lb ft or 420bhp and 442lb ft depending on the state of tune.

These figures are relatively modest compared to other supercars in the marketplace, but only until you calculate a power-to-weight ratio. It’s this lightweight construction that gives us the advantage and enables our cars to punch well above their weight.

Road and Track

Whether you’re driving through crowded city streets, powering along breathtaking mountain roads or pushing the limits on a racetrack our cars are designed to deliver and engineered to excel.
A six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission offers the perfect combination of effortless urban progress and instant fingertip control when you have the opportunity to really drive. The high-performance braking system of the Marussia delivers particularly impressive performance. Perfectly matched to the B1 and B2’s skeletal 1100kg kerbweight the ventilated 356mm diameter discs and 4-piston calipers provide tremendous stopping power.
Our unique design 20-inch light-alloy wheels are shod with 245/35/20 front and 285/35/20 rear tyres and deliver huge levels of traction and road-holding, and thanks to suspension developed in partnership with KW it is possible to achieve the ideal set-up for everyday comfort or aggressive driving on track.



The Marussia B1 is Russia’s first supercar. Designed and built in-house by our exceptionally talented team at the state-of-the-art Marussia Motors production facility in Moscow, the B1 combines a strong and distinctive character with cutting edge engineering.



An evolution of Russia’s first supercar, the B2 is an overt expression of our capabilities and ambition. Using the same exceptionally light and strong chassis structure combined with Marussia-Cosworth power units, the B2 allows our designers and our customers to explore their wilder side.


    Electronic Arts Inc. announced a partnership with Marussia Motors, Russia’s first high-performance car company, to bring the Marussia B2 sportscarto the country’s mostpopular free to play racing game, Need for Speed World, in the coming months. This marks the first time that players and racing fans will be able to experience the Russian auto manufacturer’s newest supercar in a videogame.
    3 July 2012
  • The showroom opening in Monaco
    On May 25, 2012 the showroom will be opened in Monaco. It is the first showroom of Marussia Motors outside the Russian Federation. It is not fortuitous that we have chosen such a place and time. Since, first and foremost, we decided to offer our products to a sophisticated European customer with a taste for sports cars.
    25 May 2012
    EUROPAEN QUALITY STANDARD Marussia Motors will come closer to its European customers. At the beginning of 2012, Marussia Motors concluded a strategic partnership agreement with a leading automotive service provider Valmet Automotive, known for excellent quality in premium car manufacturing.
    6 March 2012